Spinning the big wheel for a chance at winning is fun no matter what the setting. But if you are playing online (check gclub) and looking to score some big wins, you will need some of the tried and proven tips from the experts. It is possible to win big at the game of Roulette, this following article will provide some crucial perspective that will increase your chances of big win.

No. 1 — The importance of a practical betting system

The most important thing you can do is get your betting system in order. A betting system allows the gambler to approach their game with a strategic plan for maximizing gains and minimizing losses. If you haven’t developed your own betting system, consider applying the Martingale Betting System to your next game.

The idea is to stick to a somewhat less glamorous betting plan of a continuous series of small bets and even-odds wagers. In the long run a smart plan in the long term is how you will hope to beat the house edge and walk away with regular wins.

No. 2 — The House Edge and the “Sequence of Death”

The house edge means the house always wins in the end. The trick is preventing this end, quitting while you are ahead and being aware of some factors that tilt the odds in your favor, or in the favor of the house edge. The “Sequence of Death” is one such factor. A bet that follows a pattern like this “0-00-1-2-3” increases the house edge by a full 7.89%, avoid this like the plague.

No. 3 — Making your cash last.

Sticking to wagers that will result in even cash payouts is the best way to increase your Roulette experience and even increase the time and cash you win. This includes choosing betting options low or high, odd or even and black or red. Why? The over 47% payout percentage they carry, of course. To the avid roulette aficionado, these betting options form the backbone of an intelligent betting system.

No. 4 — Exploit combination advantages

There is a secret that hardly any newcomer to the roulette table is aware of. This secret can be exploited like a wild card to turn the game in your favor. If you look at the roulette table, you might notice these spaces are not quite as evenly spaced as you may think. Look at the first three sets of twelve blocks, you will find an even series of six spaces for red and blacks, evens and odds.

Then look at the rows and columns of the table and notice something different. The bottom row is completely even with six black and six red spaces. But, the next row has only four red spaces but eight black spaces. The top row has eight red spaces and only four black. This presents the gamer with a chance to exploit advantage.

The way to work the magic is to set up a combination bet that covers a complete third of the board and carries a higher chance of a successful outcome. The combination must consist of colors and the top or middle rows. Make the bet on the row itself and whichever color appears most often in that row. This way if you win the row bet there is a good chance you will double up on the color bet as well. Even if you don’t luck out on the row bet you still have a good chance of hitting the color bet. With a 47% chance of success, this stratagem can offset losses considerably.