There are many way playing Bingo online, for example on MamaMiaBingo. How about playing bingo by books? This guide gives tips if you are playing Bingo that uses cards or books.


  1. Playing as Many Books as Possible


Before applying this tactic, it is important to understand your capabilities. Sometimes if you buy so any books you might miss the number when they are being called. If such an occurrence takes center stage, you might be left with no chance to winning any of the books. Limitations is key if you will want to play very many books. Here is an example, if you are have 20 players in the game, and each of you has a book each, your possibility of winning stands at 5%. Also, if everyone in the game has a book but you got 4 books, your chances of winning stand at 17%. From the above statistics, having many books in some way increases your winning chances.


  1. Understanding Game Sizes


There are some players that are of the opinion that if there are fewer players in the game, you have higher chances of winning a game. This means since there are fewer people against you, then you have increased chances. This is however not the best approach as it has led some people to loosing really bad. This is because some casinos calculate their jackpots based on the cards in the game. This means that if there are fewer cards, there is a smaller prize. In such a game, you might need to choose bigger card sizes so that you have a bigger chance of winning a bigger jackpot.


  1. Mingling with experienced players


Taking advice from experienced players can give your ideas on how to play well. If you have any strategies you want to try out, it is always a good idea to discuss the strategies with them. They can also share their strategies with you too. Like any other game, seeking new skills by the day is an important strategy that will always improve your gaming strategies in quite a short time.


  1. Sit closer to the caller

This is one way to get information quicker. While this is not very certain, it is a way to sneak a peek as the ball pop out through the chute. This is acceptable so you can take advantage of it .you however need to remember that you might not be able to call bingo till the caller announces it.


When to Play Bingo

As mentioned earlier, there is no sure time to play and win Bingo. There is no sure way that can assist you win Bingo. There are only ways to improve chances of winning. You always need to stay alert. Also you need to know that if you miss numbers, there is no way that you will win. Finally, know the rules of the game. E.g, if somebody gets a bingo unfairly, be sure to call out the caller since this can dim your chances of winning the game.