Online gambling (especially poker) is increasingly gaining popularity. The traditional brick and mortar casino is struggling to survive in the digital age. There are numerous benefits to be experienced in online poker play. Inject the fun into your online poker game by participating in multiple tables concurrently. Let us look at the pros and cons of multi-tabling. It will empower you to elevate your 389poker game when you know what is in it for you.

Benefits of multi-tabling

Multiple tables mean more hands in every minute. For example, you can play fifty hands each on four different tables. So many more hands boost your play. It cuts down your total playing time. The number of tables you add is inversely proportional to the time you spend on the tables. More hands mean less boredom, temptation, and other distractions. You can quickly fold on the weak sessions and focus on the tables where you have a strong position.

More hands come with more premium hands. So many more hands equal experience and growth in your level of play. This not only makes you a better player but also enables you to explore the decision patterns. Improve your game before embarking on multi-tabling.

There are huge fortunes to be made from multi-tabling. The strategy enables you to spread your risk and reduce your fortune variance considerably. Remember to spread the amounts you play too. For example, instead of playing a $2 single table game, go for four tables of $0.5. This spread has the effect of cushioning your principal earnings better against bad waves.

Multi-tabling demonstrates prowess in the game. By the time you make it to the multi-table plays, your game is already well-polished. This increases your chances of winning, and it opens the doors to new stakes in the same game.

Disadvantages of multi-tabling

You are forced to maintain lower amounts on the tables to keep the spread. Playing for small amounts takes the adrenalin out of the experience. Low morale is going to cost you even the plays you should be walking over.

One way to beat the problem of lack of motivation is to maintain the same amounts you normally spend on single table plays. The heady rush is multiplied as the tables increase, so is the bill. Ensure you have deep pockets. More importantly, pay close attention as a simple mistake can make you broke.

Just as the tables increase, so does the number of bad beats. Exercise emotional restraint and compartmentalize the activities on each poker table. Don’t let one bad beat on one single table ruin your whole multi-tabling game. In similar fashion, discover tricks to help you focus and recover quickly from poor play. Work fast and avoid tilts at all costs.


You can easily enjoy an elevated level of play by leveraging multi-tabling in online poker. You stand to gain numerous benefits including more hands, more premium hands and increased fortunes among others. Perfect your single table game before you embark on multi-tabling. This improves your skills and increases your chances of winning. Just like there is increased reward, the risk level also goes up. Watch out for elements such as low morale and bad beats to safeguard your fortunes.