Anyone who is planning on signing up with an online casino in Malaysia should read this before they do. After all, you do want to be sure you choose a casino that is reputable, offers the type of gaming experience you need and allows you to win big.

Run under international licensing regulations — Be sure that the online casino you register with is run under international licensing regulations.

That way you will know the casino is likely to be reputable, and is concerned that their clients have a good experience.

You can find out about current international licensing regulations with a quick search on the Internet before registering with any casino. Then contact the casino’s customer service department and ask if that particular casino abides by all of them.

Exclusive games not available elsewhere — With so many online casinos available, try to find an online casino in Malaysia that has exclusive games.

These may be slot machine games you cannot play anywhere else, or poker games with a high-tech platform that is exclusive to that particular site.

Deposits and withdrawals — You also need to be sure the site offers easy deposits and withdrawals.

You do not want to have to waste hours trying to deposit money in your online account before you can gamble. Neither do you want to have the experience of winning a large amount of money and then not finding anyway to withdraw it.

Be sure the casino has several popular and reputable ways of depositing and withdrawing money so you do not have problems doing either.

Feels like an offline casino — Sites like Casino Malaysia, feel like an online platform. In other words, the gambling software they use creates an obviously digital world, so your experience gambling with them feels like nothing more than being in your living room and placing bets on your computer.

The better online casinos in Malaysia, however, create an atmosphere that makes it seem as though you are in an offline casino. Even when you are not.

This usually entails having live dealers in poker, blackjack and roulette rooms so, every time you gamble, you are dealing with a live person. This makes it feel as though you are sitting at a table in an offline casino and interacting with the dealer there.

Opportunities for free gambling money — Be sure to check on possible bonuses before you sign up with a specific online casino.

Some of the better sites offer a bonus that is given to you as soon as you register with the site. As this can be up to the same amount you are depositing to gamble with, you could end up doubling your money before you even start to place bets.

Find out about loyalty bonuses as well, as some sites give a loyalty bonus to frequent gamblers at various times during the year. Again, a great way to have more money to gamble with, and none of it costing you anything.