Domino Poker

Domino poker or also known in the community as 99 domino poker uses six sets of dominos and was adapted from straight poker. Each set of dominos has twenty tiles because all of the blank dominos are removed. The game can be played with either two, three, or four players. Prior to the game beginning each player puts the agreed upon amount of their money into the pot. This money is referred to as the ante. No matter how many individuals are playing the game each player is always dealt five tiles. All of the tiles that remain are face down.

Playing Domino Poker

Domino poker is played like straight poker with gameplay always rotating to the left. Each player has several options, the first of which is check. This is only allowed in the first round and allows the player to remain in the game without placing more money into the ante. Fold allows the player to end their game and they give up any claim to the ante. Their cards must not be shown. When a player chooses the bet option they place money into the ante. This is only allowed during the first round. The call option means the player adds the same amount of money to the ante as the other players. Raise the bet lets a player add extra money to the ante and they must state the amount of the raise. The other players have to add the same amount of money or they are unable to remain in the game.

Scoring Domino Poker

The hand with the highest ranking wins the ante. Beginning with the highest hand and working downward is the invincible also called the royal hand. This is a hand contains all five of the doubles. Straight sixes is a hand sequenced in sixes. Four of a kind consists of any four of the four doubles. Straight fives is a hand sequenced in fives. A full house is two of any of the suits and three doubles. Straight fours is a hand sequenced in fours. A triple is also referred to as a three of a kind and consists of any three of the three doubles. For a flush the numbers do not have to be consecutive but must be in the same suit. A one pair are any two of the doubles with the best hand in this category containing the highest numbers. If none of the players have any of these hands the winner is the player with the highest double.

Facts About Domino Poker

Domino poker is basically poker transferred to dominos and can be difficult for poker players because the rankings do not have the same values and must be relearned. Domino poker has enormous possibilities because the games consists of a possible 1,860,480 different hands while the set contains just five doubles. Due to the low number of doubles in the game when players have specific hands it will prevent the other players from getting many combinations including straights and royals. The players in domino poker are known for bluffing a lot. According to the comments made by many of the players they have a good time while playing this game.

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