Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon with betting becoming increasingly popular. It’s estimated that the Vietnamese soccer betting market was almost $1 billion a year in the mid-2000s. The gambling market in Vietnam was highly affected when gamblers were strictly prohibited from going overseas to gamble. This caused a loss of almost $800 million. Also, only a small number of investors were granted gambling licenses to work in Vietnam. With the growth in technology and development of the online gambling market. Vietnam has some great trends that have enabled the online gambling market there to flourish. Several measures are being taken by the Vietnamese government to legalize gambling since a lot of people have shown interest. The government has implemented laws to protect and also assist local and foreign gamblers alike. Almost half of the Vietnamese population is involved in online gambling. Hence, the government has imposed a lot of rules to help control it. No one under the age of 21 is allowed to participate, and also one can only gamble if they earn a minimum salary of VND 10 million. A casino project named Ho Tram Strip Project it’s the biggest project to ever done by the government and it’s worth $4 billion. The project was established in 2013, and it’s an effort by the government to expand the Vietnamese gambling market.

Legal Landscape

Gambling isn’t taken lightly in Vietnam. Almost all Vietnamese citizens are banned from gambling, with only foreigners being allowed to practice it in the best resorts and casinos. The lottery that’s run by the state is the only one that’s exempted and it’s highly popular in Vietnam. If anyone is caught operating illegal online casinos or even gambling dens, then they are charged and can face up to two years in prison. The sentence can be even longer if a person is affiliated with organized crimes and loan sharks. Almost 400 Chinese were busted for operating illegal online gambling websites. They operated over 100 rooms. Two senior police officers were also arrested for operating an illegal gambling ring. The police wanted millions of dollars from the underground gambling ring. These are some of the arrests that have been made by the Vietnamese government to prove it’s not supportive of gambling. However, despite all these hefty rules, online gambling is still growing steadily in the country. The government is adamant in stopping online gambling although it is willing to go easy on physical sport betting bookmakers.

Popular Markets

Vietnamese citizens haven’t lost their hunger for betting despite the ban. There are a big number of betting sites that generate a lot of earnings from bettors. The most popular bets for the Vietnamese go to rugby and football. Aussie Rules Football also has a big following. Gamblers can access foreign casinos that are hosted online, this has highly increased enthusiasm for different sòng bạc trực tuyến Việt Nam uy tín games. The two most played games are Roulette and Pai Gow.