When it comes to the top three sports to bet on this year, you may be surprised to learn it is usually the same sports every year.

That is because the top three sports are some of the most popular, most watched sports in the world with a combined total of more than a billion fans.


Football — The sport known as football in most of the world, and soccer in America, is the world’s most popular sport.

Over a billion people say they are fans of football, and tens of millions of them also say they bet on the sport at least once a month. This makes football the number one most popular sport to bet on.

People generally like to bet on football as it is fast-paced and fun to watch. There are thousands of teams and tens of thousands of players to watch and to bet on.

It is also one of the few sports that has matches being played all year round. That means there is never a time when you cannot bet on football, as there will always be a league holding matches somewhere in the world.


Horse racing — Another sport that is bet on by tens of millions of people every month, it is easy to see why horse racing is so popular.

Races are held all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East, South America and North America and, with several major races being held every year, there is always a big race to bet on.

Gamblers enjoy betting on horse racing as the races are exciting to watch. This is particularly the case if the horse they bet on is doing well.

Races are also easy to bet on as you can bet on a simple winner, or bet on several races on one ticket if you want to increase your chances of a big payout.

Horse racing as a sport has also been in existence for over a thousand years. That means it is ingrained in the psyches of people all over the world who grew up with parents and grandparents betting on the sport.


Baseball — Although this started out as an American sport, it has become popular in many different countries around the world in the last 50 years.

In fact, Japan and Canada are as crazy about baseball as America, as are countries in the Middle East and Asia.

This means there are gamblers all over the world always ready to bet on the next baseball game, or to bet on the player they believe will get the home run.

These top three sports for betting, for instance on 토토사이트.  They can be lucrative, but the most important thing is they are extremely fun sports to gamble on.