Even though online gamblers generally stick to the games they have been playing for a long time, some also enjoy trying out new games.

After all, you never know when you may come across a game you have not played before, seem to be good at and can quickly earn money.

That is the case with a game called Domino QQ. A dominoes game that, up until recently was mainly popular in Indonesia. With the rise of Internet-based gambling, however, non-Indonesian players have been introduced to DominoQQ online, and many are now loving it.


What is DominoQQ? — A game invented in Indonesia with dominoes instead of playing cards, its general structure is similar to straight poker.

The main difference other than a few differences in gameplay is that the game is played with dominoes instead of the more typical playing cards.

The game has been popular in Indonesia for many years but, as people began to use it for gambling, the Indonesian government clamped down on that use. After all, gambling is illegal in Indonesia, no matter what game you are playing when you gamble.

This is why DominoQQ has moved largely to the Internet, where people can get online with the use of a VPN and gamble as often as they like.


Can you learn to play DominoQQ quickly? — If you understand the rudiments of how to play poker, you will be able to play DominoQQ in only a few minutes.

Every game consists of two, three or four players who are all dealt five dominoes. Each player then looks at his dominoes, decides if he can create a good hand and then decides how he will play that hand.

When the game begins, it moves clockwise as every player makes their play. Plays are similar to poker in that the player decides to check, bet, fold, call or raise. Once that decision has been made, the play moves to the next player at the table.

When every player has made their play, the game is called. The player with the best hand is then declared the winner. If nobody has been able to put together one of the ranked hands, the person holding the highest card wins.


Which casino is best for DominoQQ? — Most players currently play DominoQQ on Indonesian-owned casinos as these are set up for ease of play.

Some of these casinos have English language options and some do not. You can either find a casino with its main features offered in English, or you can move to another casino owned by a non-Indonesian company.

As long as you check the reputation of any casino you are interested in before registering with them, both Indonesian and non-Indonesian sites can be a great choice.