People who know Indonesia is a Muslim country probably presume most Indonesians do not usually gamble. Once they know the country also has extremely restrictive gambling laws forbidding anyone in the country to gamble, they will most likely presume nobody in the country bets on anything.

In fact, that is not true at all. After all, when it comes to the popularity of specific pastimes in Indonesia, gambling on sites like situs slot online indonesia is one of the most popular ones both online and offline.


Why is gambling popular in Indonesia? — Most Indonesians have grown up in households where their parents, grandparents and other relatives gambled. Whether that was gambling on card games with friends or placing bets on specific events, Indonesia has such as strong gambling culture, it does not really matter if the government forbids it.


In other words, behind closed doors, in underground gambling clubs or on the Internet, millions of Indonesians gamble every year.


What are the most popular forms of gambling in Indonesia? — Domino QQ is one of the most popular games in the country, so millions of people gamble on it.

As Domino QQ has gained popularity in many online casinos, gambling on the game has also moved online.

Indonesians also enjoy gambling on poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette and any other casino-style game the rest of the world enjoys.

As football is also incredibly popular in the country, millions of Indonesians gamble on football matches around the world. Other popular sports also have their fair share of Indonesian gamblers.


Is gambling likely to increase among Indonesians? — The main reason gambling is likely to increase in the country is due to it being much easier to access than it used to be.

This is down to the easy access of online casinos and to every game anyone could possibly want to gamble on being available online. In fact, gambling online is much safer than gambling offline in an underground club, as it is far less likely a gambler would be caught by local police.

Due to this, more and more Indonesians are beginning to gamble as doing so online is safer. It is also easy to access online cases as long as they log into the Internet via a VPN.

As Indonesian companies also own some of the most popular online casinos, they are now marketing to other Indonesians. Along with this marketing, they are also making it easy for Indonesians to transfer money to online casino accounts for purposes of gambling.

Once many would-be Indonesian gamblers know how easy it can be to gamble online without putting their privacy and safety at risk, many more and more are starting to do so. This alone mans gambling in Indonesia is likely to drastically increase in popularity in coming years.