Winning at online poker might seem like a real struggle if you are making the same mistakes over and over. You complicate matters when you are not even sure you are making mistakes, so today we will address those issues and help you to start building your online poker bankroll.

Here are a few of the things you need to start focusing on while playing agen poker online so you have the best chance to start building a nice little bankroll you can draw on from time to time.

Mixing Up Your Play

If you are making the same plays at the same pace again and again, other players already have you figured out. Sharks are looking for any edge to strike, and if they start to see patterns in your play, they can predict what you will be doing next on a consistent basis. Once they know your patterns, they will simply wait until they have a hand and bait you into moving all your chips in the middle. Speed up your play, then slow down next round. Raise the pots, then check the bets. Try to keep the table guessing so they look for weaker prey.

Bluffing More Regularly

If you are simply waiting for some premium hands to bet, you are going to have your chips blinded away in short order. The speed of the game online is fast, so you will see the blinds four times more than in the casino. When you have the button, you need to start raising the pots before the flop to take down a few of those chips and stop the bleeding. If you get called, chances are they will miss the flop, so drop down a nice continuation bet to win even more chips on that bluff.

Finding Weaker Players

Another way that you can build your chip stay faster is to look for the weaker poker players and go after them. The weaker poker player never call when their blinds are raised unless they have a monster. If you know this, you can bully them off the blinds when you have the button. The weak players chat too much, they fold to big river bets, and they check the flop if they see aces. Keep a close eye for patterns from these weak players and take advantage before other players figure it out. If you can take notes online, mark that player so you can go after them if you wind up at another table together.

Setting Daily Limits

It doesn’t matter how great of an online poker player you may be, if you stay too long, you are going to make costly mistakes and give back all those winnings. Set a limit for the session, then log off and take a break if you hit the number, regardless how fast you got there.

Now that you see what you need to do to change your fortunes at the online poker tables, take your time and be patient, things are going to improve for you a little each session.